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Each of the camps offers an outstanding program that takes advantage of the unique environment of their respective camp. From water skiing to fly fishing, from horseback riding to sailing the camps provide a tremendous opportunity for our scouts to enjoy camping, earn some merit badges and to have FUN!

The Boy Scouts of America National Camping School certifies many of our area directors, all of whom are over the age of 18, many over 21. Leaders can be assured that each of the staff members is trained and knowledgeable in his/ her area of skill and involvement.


Camperships (camp scholarships) are available through Circle Ten. The application form is at the link below. The scholarship is typically for half the cost of camp.


Campership Application


CampTrevor-Rees Jones at Clements Scout Ranch

Clements Scout Ranch uses an Old West theme in its programs. On Wednesday evening we ask each troop to come to dinner in the Scouting appropriate western attire and be prepared to Rodeo!

The Program Clements Scout Ranch offers a variety of programs and advancement opportunities that are both fun and challenging to most Scouts.

Many badges including Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fishing, Soil & Water Conservation are taught in the Nature area. In this area, Scouts and Scouters can learn to be a responsible member of the ecosystem and learn more about our planet. From the petting zoo to catching Bass, the Nature/Ecology Conservation area is a must see when at camp.

Canoeing, Rowing, Swimming, Lifesaving and BSA Lifeguard make up Clements Scout Ranch's Aquatics program. Not only can Scouts experience gliding along on Lake McElvaney's 18 acres while rowing or canoeing, but they can also experience kayaking across the lake either by themselves or with a friend. They can swish down a 153-foot waterslide that dumps into a lake. Experience not only swimming in lake water, but also having the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water of a swimming pool.

Other program areas include shooting sports (rifle, shotgun and archery) and handicraft (basketry & leatherwork).

The Ranger Program is intended for first year Scouts. Monday the groups will start in the Ranger area where they will be split into patrols where a Life or Eagle Scout will serve as a patrol guide. This patrol guide will expose them to basic Scout skills; the patrol method will be emphasized. Our staff will provide adequate structure and supervision to your Scouts giving them a head start into mainstream Scouting.

Older scouts attending camp will have the opportunity to take on the COPE course (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience).

Jack D First Aquatics Base at Camp Constantin

Camp Constantin is the finest Aquatic Summer Camp in the Boy Scouts of America. Located on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake, we are proud to have the best quality aquatic based summer camp program anywhere in Scouting. Your Scouts and Scouters will have a fun, safe, and productive week at Camp Constantin.

 Camp Constantin/Jack Furst Aquatic Base offers a wide variety of programs that your Scouts will find exciting and fun! They will be challenged as they learn about the different aspects of Scouting. Camp Constantin/Jack Furst Aquatic Base Programs are broken down into the following areas: Aquatics, Field Sports, Handicraft, Nature, Scout Skills, and Brazos Buccaneers (First Year Camper).

 The Aquatics program continues the tradition of being one of the nation's best, in many cases rivaling BSA's High Adventure bases. Canoeing, rowing, motor boating, sailing, swimming, water-skiing, and snorkeling will provide Scouts with an exciting, diversified Aquatic Program that is unequaled in this part of the country.

Other program areas include nature (nature, mammal study, etc.), shooting sports (rifle, shotgun and archery) and handicraft (basketry & leatherwork).

 The Brazos Buccaneer program is intended for your first year Scouts. Monday the groups will start in the Buccaneer area where they will be split into patrols with a Life or Eagle Scout as a patrol guide. This patrol guide will expose them to basic Scout skills; the patrol method will be emphasized. Our staff will provide adequate structure and supervision to your Scouts giving them a head start into mainstream Scouting.

At the start of the week, each boy will be given a hiking stave that he should keep with him all week. This stave will be the basis of many of the skills he will learn. On this stave, he will keep, in the form of beads, a record of what he has accomplished during the week. We believe that instant recognition is a valuable tool, especially to boys in this age range, and their stave will help them display the achievements they have earned.


The Water Odyssey is a camp program designed for older Scouts who have most of the Merit Badges offered at camp. Each day the Odyssey crew will experience a different adventure on the cool waters. The crew will have a jam-packed week, which includes team-building, sailing, water-skiing, tubing and private blobbing. Boys in this program will also have opportunities to camp, as a group, away from their troop a couple of times during the week. 

Camp James Ray

James Ray Scout Reservation is located on the banks of beautiful Lake Texoma near Pottsboro, Texas on the Texas Oklahoma border. While many camps struggle to offer high adventure programs, James Ray Scout Reservation prides itself in delivering a traditional Boy Scout camp experience, focusing on the fundamental skills that have made Scouting the successful program that it has been for nearly 100 years. Scouts will spend their days wandering through the rolling pine trees and Texas cedar, moving in and out of views of the lake, discovering their place in the natural world. The James Ray staff has built a solid reputation on providing an experience that every boy will remember. Whether its shooting clays on the shotgun range, canoeing to camp overnight on Goose Island on Lake Texoma, or learning lifesaving skills at the Sanford Aquatics center, Scouts will never forget the fun and experience they gained at James Ray.

James Ray Scout Reservation offers a wide variety of programs for your Scouts. Scouts will find the camp's programs to be both fun and challenging. Scouts will have the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them on their trail to Eagle. The camp has six program areas that are staffed by fellow Scouts that are eager to teach. The program areas include: Aquatics (boating on Lake Texoma and swimming at the Sanford Aquatics Center), Field Sports, Handicraft, New Scout Activity Area (Trailblazer Program Headquarters), Outdoor Skills Area, and Nature.


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