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Subscribing to the district calendar

The new calendar we have on the website can be "subscribed" to on iOS device (iPad, iPhone), or a Mac OS X computer, and with a little work on an android phone. As event information changes (dates/times, new events, events get removed, etc) this information is refreshed at a schedule you setup when you subscribe so that you have the latest information regarding events, times and details.


Apple iOS or Mac devices

  1. On the device, go to the website, and select the CALENDAR menu item. At the very bottom of the window is a link that says "subscribe to the public webcal". Clicking this link will bring up a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe to this calendar.
  2. Click yes, and that's it your done. You can edit that calendar from the calendar app to change the color that is used for events in that calendar if you want. 


If you have an iCloud account and are using it to share calendars between a Mac and an iOS device(s), you have a bit more control if you subscribe to the calendar from your Mac first. 

  1. Follow the directions above to get to the page. It scrolls on the Mac (if you can't get it to fit all within the screen, but it should). Click on the same link.  
  2. This will launch iCal (if not already running) and bring up a box with the link to the calendar you are wanting to subscribe to. Click on subscribe. 
  3. This will bring up another dialog box which will allow you to set some options. One of this is Location: select iCloud, and then all your Apple devices sharing via iCloud will automatically get it too. You can also set the refresh interval, change the name and color of the Calendar events, and remove alerts, attachments, and reminders. All of which are done by default. I removed this so I will still get all this information, it's your choice it can be changed later via iCal. I've set my auto-refresh to 1 day. Our calendar doesn't change that often, and hopefully we're not waiting until the last minute to update information on it. Click on OK to finish the process and within a few seconds you'll see the events appear on iCal and any other iOS devices synced via iCloud. 


Android Devices

Android devices are a little harder. The calendar app on it only understands Exchange servers and Google Calendar, not the web standard webcal format. Since the calendar app on the device can look at your Google calendar, you need to subscribe to the district calendar using it, and then it will show up on your phone. Do this from a computer. I'm not aware of anyway to do this on an android device, the calendar program on the android doesn't allow subscribing (from what I've been told, I don't have an android device). 

  1. Go to the website calendar page, right click on the link to add the calendar, and copy the link address (or what ever your browser calls copying the URL for the link), You don't want to follow the link, but just copy it.
  2. Logon on to your Google account on your web browser, get into Google calendar. There should be a section that says "Other calendars" and a small triangle that when clicked will pull down a menu. One of the menu items is "Add by URL", select this and paste in the link in the box and click "Add Calendar" this will add the troop calender to your Google Calendar, and your android phone will display your whole Google calendar. You can edit notifications, colors and other settings for that particular calendar by clicking the triangle besides the troop calendar and selecting the appropriate menu item. Google calender refreshes every 4 hours, it is not changeable (for Screen shots of the process download the attached file, this just shows the computer steps on getting the calendar from the website to your Google calendar).


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