Eagle Light Board

North Star District has an Eagle Light Board available for use at unit Eagle Court of Honor ceremonies. It was donated to the district by district volunteers. The board consists of stained glass illuminated by remote controlled LEDs for each section of the Eagle badge. It makes a great addition to your unit's Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. 

By using the board, the unit acknowledges the responsibility for any damage occuring to the board while in their possession and getting it repaired or paying for the repairs.

To request the board, please download this document, and fill it out, and contact the district Eagle Light Board coordinator at least a week before your ceremony in order to determine a time convienent for both parties to obtain the board and schedule returning the board after the ceremony. You can not send the attachment on the contact page, the Eagle Light Board Cordinator will contact you and ask you to send the attachment via reply email. This is to prevent some one not assocated with North Star from using sending a malicious email, as the Eagle Light board coordinator may not recognize everyone in the district's name and/or email. Be sure to include enough information in the comments on the original contact to identify yourself, and what troop you are with. 

 Eagle Light Board


Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 00:15